DOCUMENT REVIEW                                        

       DOCUMENT REVIEW:                                                                                                                Code and Review Legal, Non-Legal; Pharmaceutical; Medical documents for our clients; our partners or organizations, according to their designated protocols and directives.        Review; Code; Privilege Log; Relevance; Quality Control; Relativity Software; AWS -Amazon Workspaces; Long and short term assignments

   LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT                                                                                                           LET YOUR WILL BE DONE -  Put your house in order. Let us help you avoid the confusion and possibly discord among your loved ones when you are gone. Our goal is to provide reliable and practical estate planning advice before it becomes late. We handle estates of all sizes and levels of complexity, creating clear and enforceable instructions that accurately convey our clients’ intentions. We recommend to review and update your will intermittently.

     CYBER SECURITY                                                                                                                          With training in Cyber Security, we can assist to easily identify and address certain vulnerable areas of potential threat and concern; to serve almost as a fire drill for our clients on how to deal with cybersecurity issues. We can analyze the legal and technical aspects associated with these cyberattack incidents; and the duties businesses owe to clients in these situations and strategies to avoid having these problems arise in the first place 

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