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    At Kima Associates, we are committed to serving clients, individuals and businesses alike, across the nation, in all 50 states and worldwide, since 1987. We assist our clients with all their immigration needs.  And when we don't have the answer to your question readily available, rest assured we will work hard to get you the answer you deserve.                        So REMEMBER, TOGETHER, WE WILL FIND A WAY. . 

Knowledgeable advocates handle multiple areas of Immigration 

      Our attorneys have a good understanding of the US Immigration system and laws.                    We work hard to help get the best possible results for our clients.

  • Family-Based Petitions:                                                                                                        We are committed to the reunification of families. Our goal is to keep families together; therefore focused on getting the best outcome for our families. File for your spouses; file for your fiancés; file for your parents; and file for your children; or vice versa.          We can assist with green cards; citizenship; EAD Work Permit; and nonimmigrant visa.   If you or someone close to you is threatened in another country and need to find refuge, we can assist if the
  • Non-Immigrant / Immigrant Visa Petitions:                                                                             If you or someone you know would like to further their education to study in the United States, we can help explore a student visa. If you or someone close to you is threatened in another country, and need to seek refuge in the Unite States, our office ca help seek asylum and refugee status.
  • Employment and Business-Based Visas                                                                                If you are offered employment by a US-based business employer, we can assist to file for you. We can also assist employers who seek to fill positions in a wide range of industries with employees from abroad through temporary business-based nonimmigrant visas; and also help foreign nationals applying for such visas to pursue employment possibilities in the United States.

When you retain the services of Kima & Associates you can rest assured that we are fully qualified to take on your case. When we take your case, we see your case through, from start to finish.  Call us for your Free consultation and assessment of your case; or contact our firm online. REMEMBER, TOGETHER WE WILL FIND A WAY

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