Our attorneys represent commercial clients in real estate transactions by paying meticulous attention to all the important details. With our extensive preparation and knowledge supporting your commercial purchase or sale, you can be confident that your property rights are secure.
Some of the matters our attorneys handle in transactions include:

  • Sales contracts drafting and review — Our attorneys draft, negotiate and review contracts to ensure all contingencies are included when purchasing or selling commercial real estate.
  • Commercial real estate closings — We are with you through property closings so that every detail is thoroughly handled. 
  • Construction and build-outs — Our firm handles all agreements and legal details related to construction projects and additions to existing structures. 
  • Easements and restrictions — We ensure that easements and other property restrictions are clearly delineated before you sign. 
  • Financing and mortgages — We assist with financing for your purchase that fully covers the cost of the transaction. 
  • Leasing contracts — We draft and review leases so that your rights as a business landlord or commercial tenant are protected. 
  • Land use and zoning — Our attorneys advise companies on local ordinances and other regulations governing land use and zoning to make sure your property is in compliance.

We draw on our experience of real estate law and our familiarity with the local landscape to represent Virginia commercial enterprises at all stages of the purchase, sale or lease process.


Commercial real estate contracts often include a clause requiring that disputes enter arbitration. Absent an arbitration clause, mediation can be used effectively to preserve business relationships. Whether mediation is required by contract or is otherwise advantageous to your business, our skilled attorneys help your company reach equitable solutions that serve your needs.

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