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Proven lawyers handle media transactions and disputes for clients in the Virginia Beach area

At Kima & Associates, Attorneys, we represent a wide range of clients in the Virginia Beach area and throughout Virginia, including music labels, distributors and artists, in entertainment law and litigation matters. Our clients rely on our knowledge of agency and recording contracts, copyrights, trademarks and merchandising. Drawing on our experience representing people and companies in the entertainment industry and our understanding of its unique business models, we are able to develop creative legal solutions customized to our creative clients’ needs.

Experienced advocates support entertainment businesses and performers

As knowledgeable business attorneys representing clients throughout the entertainment industry, we handle both transactional and litigation work. Our breadth and depth of experience enables us to assist individuals and businesses with a wide range of legal issues:

  • Copyright infringement lawsuits
  • Entertainment-related contracts such as
    • Screenplay option agreements
    • Screenplay purchase agreements
    • Actor agreements for movies
    • Actor agreements with agents or managers
    • Collaboration agreements for more than one writer
    • Producer agreements
  • Trademark registrations
  • Trademark-related contracts
  • Trademark assignments
  • Manuscript vetting
  • Right-of-publicity litigation

We offer cost-effective legal services tailored specifically for the entertainment industry, particularly for the needs of established or up-and-coming musicians and entertainers. We provide the legal support you need so you can focus on your creative talents and your business.

Informed counselors handle entertainment contracts and disputes

We help protect the rights of actors, musicians, songwriters, producers, labels, publishers and other industry players by ensuring the agreements they enter into are legally valid and contain adequate provisions for royalties and residuals when applicable. We negotiate, draft and review the following types of contracts:

  • Agency contracts
  • Recording contracts
  • Management contracts
  • Performance contracts
  • Merchandising agreements

We also help clients establish copyright and trademark protections, represent them in infringement actions, and defend against any allegations of non-performance or other issues. As skilled lawyers, we work to ensure that the agreements that bind our clients fully protect their interests, but as experienced litigators, we are fully prepared to handle disputes when they arise.

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